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The Security Industry Authority is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry.

The SIA are an independent body who report to the Home Secretary. Formed in 2003, the SIA was created following the Private Security Industry Act 2001.

The primary purpose of the SIA is to protect the public and regulate the private security industry by working with companies, employers and organisations involved in the recruitment, training and management of private security personnel within England, Scotland & Wales.

One of the primary functions of the SIA is to provide a compulsory licensing system and register for specific sectors of the private security industry. The other main purpose is to manage the Approved Contractor Scheme which measures the private security companies against a set of independent criteria

The areas of remit for the SIA licensing currently covers Manned Guarding to include Security Guarding, Door supervisors, close protection, cash and valuables in transit and the use of public space surveillance using CCTV monitoring, as well as key holders and vehicle immobilising schemes. The purpose of this is to set a level of standards to ensure that persons engaged in these operations are 'fit and proper' to carry out their duties and ensure they are properly trained and qualified.

The Approved Contractor Scheme was introduced to provide a set of standards for operational and performance based for companies involved in the provision of security personnel in the aforementioned sectors. Organisations that meet the standards of the scheme are provided accreditation to display proof of their competence and compliance of the contractor’s commitment to providing a quality standard

By regulating the private security industry the SIA was designed to raise the standards of both the personnel employed and the contractors who provide training and supervision. This mission was to eliminate the rogue elements and inappropriate companies from the private security industry and to help reduce crime, the fear of disorder and generally provide a level of professionalism to an industry that was dogged with problems prior to the Act and the licensing regime.