Skilled Door Supervisors
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SIA approved Door Supervisors

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We will provide you with the best Door Supervisors and bouncers to cover your hospitality or entertainment venue so that you can enjoy peace of mind while they professionally carry out a range of duties.
Here are some of our door supervisors' skills and attributes:

  • Experience and skills to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for your  patrons while maintaining a safe and secure environment.
  • A courteous, warm welcome to your venue, setting the mood for the event.
  • Control access to the club/venue by screening visitors.
  • Identity checks for minimum age, proper dress and the influence of drugs or excessive drink.
  • Detection of drugs, weapons, and crowd management. 
  • Firm but polite in enforcing club/venue rules.
  • Keep entrances and fire emergency exits clear of obstruction and ensure regular checks are made to toilet areas etc.
  • Unobtrusive watch and deterrents against improper behaviour.
  • Eject trouble-makers and handle any disorder.

Venues covered by our bouncers

Our door supervisors and bouncers operate in a wide range of venues. We specialise in:

  • Private party security
  • Nightclub security
  • Hotel security
  • Event security

If you are in the business of conducting events or managing a hospitality and entertainment outlet, you need to secure your premises and control access to them. Choosing to hire licensed door supervisors isn't an option it's the law.

Moonlite Security Services have many years experience in supplying door supervisors and can offer your business the elite door supervisors and security staff to meet your needs. They are all SIA certified, courteous, vigilant and thoroughly committed to their business. You will find them professional, proactive and thorough in their approach.

By hiring your SIA certified door supervisors from Moonlite Security Services, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • A knowledgeable, skilled security supervisor capable of providing a safe and secure environment to your business premises.
  • Trained staff who can enforce the PASS system to screen patrons
  • Support to prevent under-age drinking, or entry of drugs, weapons, etc.
  • SIA certified staff to comply with Private Security Industry Act 2001

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